4 Instruments of online repositories that usually get overlooked

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4 Instruments of online repositories that usually get overlooked

Online deal rooms became popular very promptly. They make the exchange of documents simple and quick. Besides that, this electronic data room gives the opportunity to create better communication within employees and investors and improve the teamwork in the business. Virtual meeting rooms are a protected and organized place where companies can handle numerous projects simultaneously. But while most of the users focus on obvious features, virtual data rooms have much more to provide you with. There are some unusual instruments that virtual deal rooms providers offer their clients. Using them businessescan upgrade their workflows even more. So let’s dig in these features.

“Email In”

Email is a basic app pre-installed on pretty much every smartphone or tablet. So it is very easy to reach the inbox or send an electronic letter. That’s why we use this tool pretty much every day. Thus, it’s only logical for online deal room providers to implement the “Email In” tool that lets uploading the information to the virtual storage directly from the email. This instrument allows saving time and knocks out all the hassle from the upload process.

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Besides that, this feature eases the process of the interaction with a online meeting room for those who are quite bad in technologies. Having the opportunity to use the already familiar program they won’t slow down the work of the whole team. Uploading the information using this instrument all members of the brand will be able to contribute to the flow of the data.

“View As”

One of the biggest advantages online meeting rooms have is an impressive protection. And the most important part is that users can be in charge of the safety of their uploaded data. But it is also important to have an ability to check if things are set up precisely. The “View As” feature allows entering the digital data room as if you are some other employee or group of users with a certain amount of access. It helps to ensure that no one will see more than they have to see and avoid unpleasant situations related to the data theft.

Q&A on Electronic Data Room

Thistoolis amazing for boosting the teamwork. It will let solving questionable moments during the deal and making sure all parties are happy with how the process is going. The Q&A tool definitely should be used during M&A and other actions that include lots of discussions on different issues. With this tool, parties can be confident that they all are on the same page and no one is missing anything.


Even though a lot of virtual meeting rooms providers see watermarks as one of their biggest features, this tool mostly are neglected. It is rather a fault to not to use this tool. With a watermark, patries can protect their data from theft and illegal use. If there is any tool in a virtual repository – you should at least try it out. Providers give a vast variety of tools to meet the needs of every corporation. So every user can actually establish their own unique virtual meeting room, using a certain set offeaturesand profit from using data room datasite merrill as much as possible.

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